Sophie Stevens’ long-awaited debut single, “No One’s Happy,” has been an outwardly loving attempt at bridging her own heartache, lessons-learned, and growing pains to the rest of the world. Produced by Murray Pulver (Crash Test Dummies, Doc Walker) this hug-of-a-song tackles our very relevant issue of comparing ourselves and our pasts to others in a world of change and anxiety, a reminder that everyone is dealing with pain and anxiety in their own ways, regardless of how lonely or isolating their problems may feel. No One’s Happy is a perfect example of a coming-of-age musical connection between a passionate young musician and the rest of the world, in a beautiful attempt to destroy cliches and provide comfort to those dealing with their own ups and downs. Along with the single, Sophie is bringing her heartwarming presence to a string of cozy live shows to promote her single across Western Canada.

Sophie has consistently aimed to provide listeners with a break from the anxieties and alienation we face in our own heads by offering not only a captivating, heartwarming sound, but a stage-presence of pure coziness and unconditional love for all.

Relentlessly positive singer-songwriter… an uplifting experience unto itself. ”

— Samuel Thompson, Witchpolice Radio

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